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Colocate in the most secure data center in all of Seattle. Rigorous security standards that surpass industry compliance requirements help to ensure that your business is protected. Our operations, systems and facilities are all SSAE 16 and PCI certified and are regularly reviewed for security compliance. SSAE 16 was formally issued in April 2010 with an effective date of June 15, 2011 and again reviewed and renewed in November 2016. We are also audited by third party certified accountants for financial, procedural, security and availability compliance.

Safe operation of facility systems is checked daily by our facility teams with regular tests in place to ensure your colocated equipment is always up and connected. Routine maintenance of facility systems is completed with our customers in mind with maintenance events scheduled for the least impactful times and with backup systems on the ready in case of the unexpected. All maintenance technicians are experts in their field with the best skills and experience in the region.  There are multiple checkpoints of both manned and automated security in place at all entrances and exits in addition to live secure camera monitoring at every point in our data center constantly monitored by our 24/7 network operations center.

What is SSAE 16?

In short, a SSAE 16 audit reports on the design and effectiveness of a service provider's controls relevant to customers' financial and security reporting. The former AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) standard, SAS 70, did not set standards for data center excellence; it just reported on the controls and processes in place as described by a data center. The new AICPA standard, SSAE 16, strengthens the report by providing criteria for the evaluation of controls and processes.

Our controls and processes have been evaluated and tested by third party auditors over the last few months to receive the SSAE 16 certification that they meet standards for excellence set by the AICPA. Seattle Colocation is happy to bring this added benefit and compliance verification to our customers. If you have further questions, please contact us for more information.


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